R&D Engineer II
Ansys Optics
Evanston, USA, America

Performs moderately complex development activities, including the design, implementation, maintenance, testing and documentation of software modules and sub-systems, Understands and employs best practices, Performs moderately complex bug verification, release testing and beta support for assigned products. Researches problems discovered by QA or product support and develops solutions, Understands the marketing requirements for a product, including target environment, performance criteria and competitive issues Works under the general supervision of a development manager, Performs software development for commercial-grade EM simulators based primarily on C++, supplemented with Python and MATLAB scripting and prototyping, Performs problem solving, model development, and algorithm design in computational electromagnetics, ray tracing, radar signal processing, and scientific visualization, with an emphasis on shooting-and-bouncing rays method, Performs maintenance and improvement of automated software build and testing systems, with emphasis on software quality, Provides written and oral communication within and across teams, including in-person and virtual presentations, Provides occasional customer support in situations demanding more detailed technical consultation.