Work Experience Student CFD / R&D for fluids simulation software
Ansys Optics
UK Home City, United Kingdom, Europe

Software testing engineer assigned to the Testing Team in the UK office. Approximately half of the job involves the following subtasks: Test the software effectively providing high quality feedback to developers on how to improve the software quality, within the appropriate timescales. Gaining a thorough knowledge of the software under test, an understanding of how it may be used by customers and of CFD. Gaining knowledge of development tools and operating systems. Working on verification and validation of new models in the solver. Other aspects of the post include: Assisting in the production of test specifications, requiring knowledge and skill in the software application to be tested, together with a thorough understanding of CFD. It also requires some understanding of the likely problematic areas in the software. Gaining knowledge of the automated testing systems and using it to develop new tests for the products being tested. Gaining scripting experience. To carry out acceptance testing specifications. This involves the creation and performance of acceptance test specifications, including installations, licensing, regression tests and manual testing.