Traffic Consultant – DTU Learn for Life
DTU Fotonik
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, Europe

Tracking, data collection and data quality As our new Traffic Consultant, you have a free hand to choose the right tools, as long as we build up a more comprehensive picture of the traffic, the campaigns and what converts best. The goal is for data to have the best possible quality, also in the new cookie-less reality we are heading towards. The focus is that we have as truthful data as possible, and that the various channels are tied together as far as possible to form an overall picture. Zapier is also used today to tie campaigns together and ensure that data flows, and we can act and measure campaigns cross-channel. Analysis and reporting You regularly analyze the data that is available, both ad hoc exploratory analyzes and deep dives as well as recurring analyzes to uncover trends over a longer period. There is a particular focus on traffic, ad performance and ROAS, but you should also include earnings and profitability for the products you run campaigns for.