PhD scholarships in Photovoltaic Systems Research – DTU Electro
DTU Fotonik
Roskilde, Denmark, Europe

Position 1: This position is embedded in a larger project developing structural colored foils for BIPV products together with industry partners and other leading universities. The specific tasks include the establishment and operation of accelerated stress tests of coupon-sized colored PV modules, i.e. UV degradation and thermocycling, as well as pre- and post-test characterization and material analysis. The tasks will include: Investigate polymeric material compatibility of structural colored foils within the PV laminate Establish a test stand for accelerated UV degradation of coupon-sized PV modules Conduct accelerated stress testing according to relevant standards (mostly IEC 61215) Contribute with measurement results to the product development of structural colored foils Position 2: PhD candidate sought for research on potential induced degradation (PID) in high-voltage PV modules, part of a strategic initiative with TotalEnergies to enhance PV module reliability. This role focuses on the evaluation and mitigation of PID effects in new and existing solar cell technologies under varied environmental conditions. Key tasks include: Assessing PID sensitivity and recovery kinetics in high-power, high-voltage PV modules against different materials and increased soiling rates. Establishing a high voltage field stress setup as per IEC 62804-2-2022 for in-situ degradation monitoring, aimed at quantifying PID sensitivity and recovery under realistic environmental conditions. Determining acceleration factors and developing models for PID degradation and recovery, to accurately predict module performance in utility-scale PV environments. Evaluating the efficacy of PID prevention and recovery solutions from various manufacturers, integrated into inverters or as standalone units.