PhD scholarship in mid-IR Supercontinuum Lasers – DTU Electro
DTU Fotonik
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, Europe

This PhD study will focus on the development of beamline 4, i.e., the development of a 2-15 µm supercontinuum fiber laser using so-called supercontinuum cascading pumped with high energy pulses at either 1550 nm or at 2 µm. A key point will be to minimize coupling loss between the different nonlinear fibers in the cascade by choosing the optimum fibers and making the optimum fiber splice. You will therefore be trained in advanced fiber splicing on the in-house available CO2, filament, and arc splicers and in characterizing fiber dispersion, fiber transmission loss and fiber-to-fiber coupling loss. You will need to support your development with numerical modelling, again using in-house developed highly advanced parallel codes. You will also be part of the team implementing these sources in our in-house developed spectroscopy and OCT systems for cutting-edge applications within imaging and trace gas detection.