PhD scholarship in Diamond based Intracellular NMR and Cell Mechanics – DTU Health Tech
DTU Fotonik
Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark, Europe

You will work in the interdisciplinary span between biological physics, optics, and electrical engineering, coupled with aspects of cell biology. We are looking for a candidate with competencies within applied engineering or physics that have demonstrated experience in “making things work”, yet with an open mind towards learning the wonders and intricacies associated with working with single cells. Your first task will be to characterize the chosen biological model systems working with cell ensembles where cell metabolism is measured with NMR spectroscopy. The ensemble system will subsequently be translated to single cell NV-diamond based NMR measurements. At the same time, you will work with your fellow Ph.D. students to refine the NV-diamond experimental setup. Once completed, you will carry out NV-diamond based sensing measurements that at the same time address our mechanobiological questions. Thus, your primary tasks will be to: Conduct standard NMR metabolomics. Implement and apply NV-diamond based (N)MR measurements. Contribute to the development of the experimental setup and associated experimental assays.