PhD on the physics of ion and water detection in micro-electronics
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands, Europe

Your task is to investigate and model transport processes leading to degradation of micro-electronics, focusing on ion and water transport, combined with finding the driving forces (electric fields) as well as preferential pathways (interfaces). This PhD work is laying the foundation for warning principles in micro-electronic systems. This project is part of a larger TTW-NWO Perspectief Program (‘Circular Circuits’) with the ambition to design extremely robust or fully reusable or recyclable microelectronics in the future. Understanding the processes in current microelectronics using models and measurements can help to assess the impact on the major damage originating processes, allowing fast development of future microelectronic products. Together with other PhD’s in this program, the work should lead to predictive models and a demonstrator of a health sensor.