Monitoring Buildings, Volcanoes and Seismic Activity Using Large Ring Laser Gyroscopes
Dodd-Walls Centre
Dunedin, New Zealand, Europe

Ideal quantum turbulence in planar Bose-Einstein condensates involves self-organisation of vortices into macroscopic Onsager vortices associated with negative temperatures. Creating and understanding fully developed quantum turbulence in plane confined BEC is an important open problem in quantum fluid dynamics. Located at Otago University, this theory PhD project involves modelling the self-organisation of planar quantum turbulence in Bose Einstein condensate experiments. Applicants should have a background in numerical modelling and quantum mechanics. Some knowledge of ultra-cold gases, and/or fluid dynamics will be an advantage. Collaboration with Dodd-Walls Centre experimental efforts on planar quantum turbulence form a central part of the research.