Master technical low-voltage feed-in (m/f/d)*Schleswig-Holstein network
Niebüll, Germany, Europe

As the first customer contact, you coordinate the timely processing of all customer concerns in our company, including within the framework of operational management contracts, and ensure customer-oriented communication from the first inquiry to the final response. You manage and coordinate the individual low-voltage network connection from the first customer contact to the first billing and conclude all contracts for feed-in systems for private and commercial customers. You will continue to be available as the first customer contact for feed-in systems that are already connected. Your focus will be on process steps with a technical background, such as checking measurement concepts and commissioning documents, processing changes to measurement concepts or ordering meters. You record, maintain and process customer concerns, documents and data in our IT systems. You will work on complex cases independently or assist in researching the necessary information. When processing complaints, you act confidently, reliably and with certainty in terms of content. You will provide technical guidance to new colleagues involved in this area of ​​responsibility. You represent our company as a partner for climate protection and have an attentive eye for customer needs. You are open to other topics in the network economy, participate in group working groups and carry out special tasks. For example, you will support the conception of technical requirements for the supporting IT systems with a view to the optimized and efficient processing of all tasks in feeder support.