Manufacturing Group Lead / Supervisor
Wilton, USA, America

Planning: Set up a detailed production schedule, within the constraints of the Manufacturing Plan and available resources. Ensure progress and output at minimal cost. Solve problems, provide recovery plans, and inform relevant parties on deviations. Output: Realize the planned output of all deliverables of Volume Production. Ensure the availability and usefulness of the means of production, in cooperation with Production Engineering. Ensure that the level of know how and the training of the team members is sufficient to be able to realize all plans. Introduction of new products: Acquire applicable know how/ information on new products and new production methods/ means of production, to support the production of ‘pilot’/ new products, prepare to assume the process on release for volume production. Support: Organize all supporting processes in order to be able to realize the deliverables in time, and to ensure a fast ramp up for volume and Customer Support. Quality: Ensure the quality of the output of Volume Production meet full product specifications: through effective production processes and sufficient know how/training.