iPhD Student Position on “Advanced Antenna Array Synthesis Methodologies”
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands, Europe

Advanced Deterministic Synthesis Techniques: Investigating novel deterministic methods for antenna array synthesis, such as advanced iterative Fourier transform approaches, and exploring their computational efficiency and effectiveness in meeting assigned performance criteria. Integration with AI and Machine Learning: Examining how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms can be integrated with deterministic synthesis techniques to optimize antenna array design. This could involve developing AI-driven models to automate the synthesis process, enhance design accuracy, and reduce computational time. Comparison with Evolutionary Methodologies: Conducting comparative studies to assess the advantages of deterministic synthesis techniques over evolutionary methods, such as genetic algorithms, in terms of accuracy, speed, and reliability. This comparison can highlight the scenarios where deterministic methods are more suitable. Application in Emerging Technologies: Applying deterministic synthesis methods to design antenna arrays for emerging technologies like 5G and beyond, considering aspects like millimeter-wave communications, beamforming, and spatial filtering. CAD Tool Development: Developing sophisticated computer-aided design tools that incorporate deterministic synthesis algorithms to assist designers in creating efficient antenna arrays for various applications, including wireless communications and remote sensing.