Human Rights Legal Counsel
Veldhoven, Netherlands, Europe

Further implement the Human Rights roadmap and execute on priorities across the organization in close collaboration with key internal stakeholders within the Sourcing & Procurement organization, Human Resources, the ESG Sustainability team, and others. This may, for example, involve engaging key stakeholders in various ways, designing processes, setting up and/or providing training, or coordinating/participating in various implementation activities, Maintain the Human Rights policy in alignment with other relevant policies, Monitor legal and regulatory developments on Human Rights and identify links to the broader ESG landscape, including climate risk and a “just transition”, Ensure execution of a periodic human rights risk assessment/saliency assessment across the organization, Plan and carry out periodic external stakeholder engagements together with the ESG Sustainability team, Work on continuous improvement of existing Human Rights due diligence processes in close collaboration with Sourcing & Procurement, Export Control and the Legal & Compliance Operations team, Perform due diligence and/or review due diligence outcomes in specific cases.