CyberSecurity OT IEC 62443 Expert
Sevilla, Spain, Europe

Participation in a Deep Dive training program for IEC 62443‐4‐1. Participation in a product related GAP Analysis for either IEC62443‐4‐2 or IEC62443‐3‐3 or Deep Dive training for Product Security. Two years’ work experience, with focus on IT product security. Participation in at least three projects with focus on IT product security. To achieve the function (i.e., the qualification) IEC 62443 Reviewer, an employee has to be a Senior IEC 62443 Technical Expert and thus has to meet the conditions of the Senior IEC 62443 Technical Expert. A Reviewer reviews the evaluation report(s) and gives the approval for submission to the certification body. Help CyberSecurity Team to Develop new testing and certification cybersecurity service for ALTER and build up a new cyber security team.