Cleanroom/Foreign Material/Defect Density Senior Engineer (Cleanroom Management)
Kulim, Malaysia, Asia

Maintain and develop FM system, station monitors and FA fingerprint database, Develop and drive FM YIP roadmap with FM area leads, Manage and utilize the resources in area from Eng/Prod/Maintenance/Quality/Facility for FM improvement, FM related data with ORP linked to QIS to monitor and react the abnormal FM condition in production shop floor, Drive and coordinate all FM improvement activities from each area, Provide the FM analysis to identify the key area and priorities, Improve the FM awareness of shop floor people, Daily line walk/Attend plant level2 weekly audit to find FM which impact production, Make FM control plan for Clean room construction/new line set up/machine move in/move out etc. , monitor the whole process , highlight if there is any FM risk impact prodcution , set up work group if needed, New material FM qualification before used in clean room.