Bac+4/5 internship – Characterization of the chromatic dispersion of optical fibers
Talence, France, Europe

The internship is part of a collaborative research project involving the ICMCB and the CEA. Within the ‘laser processes’ division of the ALPhANOV technology center, you will work on the structuring and characterization of battery electrodes using a high average power industrial femtosecond laser. The trainee will develop the laser structuring process to improve the diffusion of Li ions and thus increase the power of the battery. It will then verify the electrochemical performances (impedance measurements, galvanostatic cycling, etc.) and will characterize the structure and morphology of the electrode materials (SEM, XRD, TEM, spectroscopies, etc.) in order to verify their preservation after structuring. It will make the link between structuring and the performances obtained.