Algorithm Engineer IV – (E4)
Applied Materials
Portland, USA, America

Develop an algorithmic major module or flow, a Matlab (system or product) major module or flow, or characterize and lead field driven algorithmic features (R&D extension) including research, design, development and implementation & proliferation accompanying in accordance with project budgets and time schedules. Perform algorithmic C&F for a major algorithmic feature or flow, including problem analysis, data gathering, literature review, concept selection and evaluation and implementation constrains . Construct a algorithmic work plan for algorithmic module or flow owned by him. Document algorithmic development, plan and accompany implementation, integration and testing of an algorithmic module or flow. Interact with internal and external customers to analyze gaps, define and plan activities, collect data and accompany integration, testing and proliferation of algorithmic solutions. Understand and act according to system and applicative environment regarding module and flow development. Take part in system definitions.