2024 Summer Intern Program : Process R&D Engineer (製程研發工程師_顯示器實驗室)
Applied Materials
Tainan, Taiwan, Asia

CVD R&D project (OLED IT TFE/TFT process development): Thin film sample analysis by metrology tools and data consolidation, Literature study of CVD R&D project & MOx TFT, Process trend study skills with process DoE experience and data analysis. Gen6 laser scattering type IPS concept and feasibility evaluation, Hybrid cluster basic working principal study, IPS principal study, IPS feasibility test in Gen6 hybrid cluster, IPS in-line test analysis, PVD process development: Anti-Reflective film simulation development, Developing and optimizing Ultra-thin film thickness measurement. (Optical tool), Database organization, OLED IT or c-MOx related project: Paper research, DoE execution/measurement & analysis with in-house & external tools, Report presentation.