2024 Summer Intern Program : Mechanical R&D Engineer (機械研發工程師_顯示器實驗室)
Applied Materials
Tainan, Taiwan, Asia

CVD Thermal & structure analysis: Conduct finite element analysis (FEA) to analyze the distribution of temperature and stress in order to address an existing critical issue. Additionally, perform measurements of temperature and strain to validate and enhance the FEA model. Based on the simulation findings with an optimized FEA setup, suggest improvements and confirm the concept through FEA validation. Verify the installation of parts and conduct functional testing. PVD In house test: New rubber pad material development, Retractable magnet yoke reliability test, Open Edge Exclusion Mask test, New carrier clamp test, Final Review: Interns will present projects in English (30mins), Managers will review the interns’ R&D capability. 2026 new hires, of process engineer offers will firstly go to outperforming interns.