2 PhD’s on the role of Employees and Consumers in Offshore Renewable Energy
Eindhoven University of Technology
Eindhoven, Netherlands, Europe

This PhD position contributes to the implementation chapter of HybridLabs and will focus on the overall mental transition of engineers with the aim to identify strategies that help fossil fuel workers to transition mentally to their new jobs in renewable energy. In addition, the project highlights the changed reality regarding the products on which they operate and examines the effects of differences in job design on employees’ work attitudes and behaviors. Finally, the project investigates how smart technology can help employees in their work routines. This PhD position contributes to the implementation and knowledge utilisation chapter of HybridLabs and aims to identify design factors that drive citizens to adopt the offshore renewables monitoring dashboard, substantiate the effects of using the offshore renewables monitoring dashboard on citizens’ acceptance of offshore renewables structures and the adoption of energy produced from them, and identify effective strategies to secure continued use (i.e., prevent disadoption) of the monitoring dashboard.