0802-23 – Postdoctoral Research Associate – Data analytics and machine learning for precision healthcare
Aston University
Birmingham, United Kingdom, Europe

Precision healthcare is an emerging approach for personal healthcare, medicine and disease prevention that considers the individual’s variability in health, genes, lifestyle, and environment. While still in its infancy, this approach is developing quickly due to new technologies and the accumulation of complex multi-scale and multi-modal health-related data. This research fellowship will be focused on the development of new and adapting/improving existing automatic models for time series data originating from electronic health records, physiological, biological, physical activity data, and other health-related data. The successful applicant would be expected to develop novel models and tools and enhance the new Institute’s research activities in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Health. The focus of the activities will be automatic models and tools for the investigation of sleep, diabetes, mental health, and healthy ageing with the view to efficiently use existing records for improved outcomes of treatment and patient-focused healthcare.